Archeological trips

Archeological trips in Egypt

Do you want to take a break from boring reality, at least for several days? Maybe it is worth to consider an archeological trip to Egypt? Many people wonder if it is a good move. What is the reason so many choose this exact destination? Polish people pay attention to a couple of important aspects such as finances. Luckily, at the moment archeological trips to Egypt are not that expensive as someone might think at the beginning. Additionally, tourists appreciate the good weather conditions.

Egypt is a country located in north-east part of Africa so you can count on sun and high temperatures all year round, even during Polish autumn or winter. Of course archeological trips are also a great opportunity to learn many historical facts. One of the most important locations in Egypt is Giza as there are three pyramids as well as the famous Sphinx. Other place worth visiting is Cairo.

There is an Egyptian museum where you can see many historical artifacts that come from ancient times. Some other attractions in Cairo that you might be interested in are Alabaster Mosque, Citadel of Saladin, Cairo tower, famous Al-Azhar park. Egypt is also a country of many temples such as the Temple of Hatshepsut located in west Thebes.

People who are looking forward to spending their holiday less actively will be happy to know that Egypt has access to both Mediterranean Sea and Red Sea so you can relax on the beach taking in the breathtaking beauty of the landscape. www